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Here we will explain the purpose of the hemp revolution.

Organization Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to increase the visibility of our common interests. We hope to form and alliance between activists groups so we will be able to adress the problems we all face.  By developing unity between the various movements that compose the world justice movement we can increase our effectiveness. We have the power to stop global trade and corporate elitism by organizing and educating ourselves so that we can topple the philosophy of greed and replace it with our own vision for the future.

your hemp revolution

one of the most important and vital facets of the world justice movement is the industrial hemp movement. because of the massive potential of its use which would directly result it the drastic improvement of all life on the entire planet. as opposed to the lemming like destuctive actions which are at this time the standard practice of buisness in america. this site in particular targets the need for hemp producers and maufacturers to organize their efforts for solidarity and cohesion, and to in turn maximize effectiveness in the united states to bring about the changes nessesary to ensure the future of all life on this planet.
the  hemp revolution is to further promote the interests of our organization to members of the community. We strive to make a difference by educating the public and expanding our potential. any of the many different hemp organizations and producers are all essensially working towards the same goal and so should rally under the same banner.    hemp revolution.
this site proposes that any organization out there include the words ''hemp revolution'' in their advertisments, web pages, shop windows, etc.
feel free to make ''hemp revolution'' stickers, buttons, etc.

jamal ski

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