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I'm sure you've heard that in an interview on CBS with Dan Rather, Tom Kennedy of FEMA said that he and his team were DEPLOYED to NYC on late Monday night and were the first team there, ready to help come Tuesday morning, 9/11.  He later said "No comment " when asked by other reporters, what he had meant by his statement :).

hemp revolution


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you are already a member of the hemp revolution.

Who Can Join?

hemp activists and organizations alike are allready part of the hemp revolution. just becase they do what they do. now we have a name for all of our efforts.


Benefits of Joining

 we have a common interest, and we hope to further our cause. as we stand now in america, the economy is measures its progress in terms of the gross national product. this system is dependant upon exploytation of nature. the current war for example is getting us out of a ressesion. i.e. death = progress and the g.d.p. goes up!! in the future it is not unlikely that our present time in the history of the world may be called the second dark ages. it is time for real progress.

it is time that corporations reap the financial responsible for the damage they sow. this is the key to the industrial hemp movement, and consequently most other activist organizations that compose the world justice movement. as many of you already know hemp is the key to world prosperity. when we rewire the global economy so that life=progress hemp will be the most profitable substaince on the planet and will then be utillized by all industries.

How Can You Join?

just say to your self you are a member of the hemp revolution and you are are also encouraged to comunicate with this site by submiting info and ideas. i will respond.



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